Listen to Incognito Monday through Friday from 6pm to 11pm CST!

Incognito started his on-air career in Columbus, Georgia, working in a handful of rural radio markets there.  Eventually, he landed a part-time job in Atlanta.

Soon, Incognito was heard over the airwaves in Ohio on the following radio stations:   WCKX-Columbus, WIZF-Cincinnati, and WENZ-Cleveland.  This night show “Posted on the Corner” (POTC) was consistently the #1 night show in Cleveland and Cincinnati.  It aired Monday through Friday.

In February of 2020, two stations picked up “Posted on the Corner”.  They were Hot 107.5 WGPR (Detroit) and Hot 96.3 WHHH (Indianapolis).  As a result, each station’s night show ratings rose within the first PPM rating period.  This was a huge accomplishment for Incognito.  The pandemic had caused layoffs and uncertainty.  Surprisingly, Incognito received a call from three important men:  Colby Tyner (Urban-One’s Vice President of Programming); Eddie Harrell (Regional General Manager); and Yonni (Operations Manager).  They had news!  K97.5 WQOK (Raleigh, NC) and Hot 1079 WHTA (Atlanta, GA) would be picking up “Posted on the Corner”!  It would run weeknights from 7:00 PM to midnight.  They also told Incognito that he would be moving to his home state of Georgia to syndicate the additional markets.

Incognito’s motto is “Play hard.  Work harder.”  This mentality helped his dream come true!  He continues to build his radio empire by engaging with listeners.  He also gets national endorsements.  Superb marketing has resulted in high ratings.  Incognito plans to take “Posted on the Corner” to markets of all sizes.  His passion is to serve communities by inspiring them through quality entertainment.