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Cyreio Hughes is a native of Mobile, Alabama. He is a 1978 graduate of Toulminville High School.  He attended Jackson State University, concentrating in “Mass Communications”. Cyreio has worked in radio for the last 30 plus years.  Most of his radio career has been in the family-owned incorporation.  His family owns two stations located in Greenwood, the heart of the Mississippi Delta.  Radio station WGNL 104.3 FM, where Cyreio serves as Program Director, is a 50,000 watt station.  The other station, WGNG 106.3 FM, is 25,000 watts.

Cyreio’s main goal in staying in the Mississippi Delta is to help keep black-owned radio stations alive.  He continues to be the voice for the African-American people who build, grow, and serve God.  He’s been nominated and chosen for many awards in the state of Mississippi.  He’s a 1998 recipient of the “Dave Clark Memorial Award”, as well as multiple “Community Service Awards” presented to him by the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters.

Cyreio is determined to stick around to help his mother at their family-owned radio station in Greenwood, Mississippi.  His father, Mr. Ruben C. Hughes, recently passed away.  He was owner and President.  His mother, Maxine D. Hughes, is the Operations Manager of both stations.