In Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, August 6, 2023, our deeply loved station manager Maxine Hughes won a Lifetime Achievement Award!  She slayed and wowed the audience in her gold dress, accessorized by a black cape.  Maxine gave a speech during her acceptance and noted that the evening was the third anniversary of her husband’s passing.  Mr. Ruben Hughes, the founder of these impactful stations, was awarded a posthumous honor as well.  In her speech, Maxine expressed her mixture of sadness and joy.  She thanked her staff and gave special accolades to Cyreio Hughes, who is the Program Director and her son.  Maxine was also thrilled to accept the Key to the City of Atlanta, Georgia!  This award was presented to her by the “Atlanta City Council”.

We’re so proud of the obstacles that these stations have overcome!  At its founding, some people declared that the station would close soon after its opening…but God had other plans!  With 50,000 watts of power at WGNL’s disposal, it’s one of the farthest reaching stations in Mississippi and a favorite advertising medium for political candidates as well as local businesses.

Our goal is to maximize and celebrate the impact of Black-owned businesses!  WGNL-FM and WGNG-FM will continue to dominate the Mississippi Delta airways for years to come!