On October 5th 2018, North London based Singer/producer ‘Kai Rabai’ released his debut single titled ‘Slow Down’ produced by XVR BLK. Rabai approaches this soothing beat with a vibe that will have you wanting to put your car in drive without a destination in mind. Starting the way most of your nights might end, with a finished bottle of Gin, Kai’s delivery is far from inebriated, rather deliberate, speaking on the difficulties of wanting to do things right the first time in a relationship. Kai suggests to “Slow Down” on this lo-fi production that gives you rhythm and blues at it’s core, but you can tell he’s just warming up, and if this is a debut, I can say I’m more than excited to see what the future holds for for the young artist.

Give “Slow Down” a listen below, out on all platforms and tell us what you think!

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