On July 13th, She’Chinah released her debut E.P. “Solitaire.”  The seven-song project blends R&B, soul and jazz, detailing She’Chinah’s process in discovering that finding love in one’s solitude and being by yourself is enough

The Memphis based artist teams up with producers ford and TeddyLOET. The project was created in the past year, and was the beginning of She’Chinah taking her musical career seriously. Shifting from studying nursing to becoming an artist, “Solitaire” chronicles the changes and sacrifices made to create this project.

“I wrote these songs because I needed to release my mind of all of the thoughts I was having. Going from an extreme extrovert to an introvert and not understanding why was a battle to me. I was fighting the desire of wanting to make people happy by being this bubbly person against being my true identity. I went through a moment of realizing that I have total control over my perspective and i changed the narrative of being lonely to something positive and wrote about it over the course of the EP.” she says.

Listen to “Solitaire” below:

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