If your competitors work to attract your customers, or if you want to achieve consistent growth for your sales, advertising is an absolute necessity. Know who your customers are and why they like to spend their dollars at your business. Targeted advertising will convert prospective clients into loyal customers. Most businesses cannot be all things to all people.  Radio advertising is your best option, especially when you’re trying to reach customers in rural areas.  Internet is not often available in these areas, so social media advertising won’t reach your customers.  Even cable isn’t available in these areas, so television ads won’t reach this demographic.  People in these areas usually have radios, however, which makes our station extremely valuable when it comes to advertising your business.  When you advertise through WGNL and WGNG, you are buying an audience. Be sure to buy the right audience for your business. It will improve your chances for success!

Advertising is an investment in your company’s financial success! It has these important benefits:

     •  Keeps your business top-of-mind

     •  Gives you a successful image

     •  Attracts new customers

     •  Creates store traffic

     •  Encourages repeat business

Businesses that succeed are strong, steady advertisers. Work with our station to reach your target customers in their homes, automobiles, office, and on their mobile devices as they go about their day.

WGNL is a 50,000 watt FM station.  We are Number One in the Mississippi Delta.  The sister station, WGNG, boasts 25,000 watts of power, attracting listeners between the ages of 12 and 35.  To maximize your advertising potential, we strongly suggest advertising on both stations simultaneously so that you reach the most listeners.

Make your advertising dollars count!  We’re very proud of our coverage maps!

WGNL:  https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/pat?call=WGNL&service=FM
WGNG:  https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/pat?call=WGNG&service=FM

For your advertising needs, please email wgnl@bellsouth.net or call 662-453-1646.