Memory is often tied to a particular experience that evokes a specific emotion.  This is why birthdays or anniversaries are important to us.  How can this be to your advantage if you’re running a sale or running for political office?  When you schedule a live remote, the DJ will be broadcasting from your event for two hours, bringing awareness to all the station’s listeners.  Not only that, you’ll certainly have a captive audience with whoever attends your event.  They’re going to remember what you were advertising because they were physically there.  They’ll remember the hits that made them feel good emotionally.  They’ll remember the great food that was served.  The faces of the hosts and the purpose of the event will be burned into their memories because they EXPERIENCED something.  They didn’t simply hear an ad on the radio.  They invested their time and energy into a particular live remote.  This can translate into customers or votes.  A live remote can give you an edge!

In a horse race, the winning horse can win by a NOSE!  The winning horse isn’t twice as fast as the one that came in second place.  He’s just a LITTLE bit faster!  He only has a small advantage, but that advantage means that he gets to take ALL the prize money!  A live remote can be YOUR edge over your competition!  You can profit from the phenomenal popularity of the DJ!  He’s a people magnet.  Use that to your advantage!